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Improve User Experience
Improve User Experience
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Boost SEO Ranking
Boost SEO Ranking
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Enhance Mobile Experience
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WordPress Speed Optimization

You may know, Google had announced earlier that page load time affects Google search engine ranking. And nowadays, since the mobile first concept came, search engines like Google, Bing considering page load time as one of the most important parameters for search ranking. That’s why, we should concern about website speed optimization.

For speeding up your website, we will take a deep dive into your website, using the latest technologies and tools, we will find out all the reasons behind huge load time and make a list about how we should proceed to work on this. We can assure you, this WordPress speed optimization service improves the reliability of a website to the visitor, It can handle unexpected peaks in traffic and work faster on a normal day too. So, you will get an improved user experience, more return visitors and more conversions.

Service Features

Minify / Optimize Codes

Optimize and eliminates unnecessary codes and bytes like spaces, breaks and indentation.

Database Optimization

Removing unwanted data and tables can organize the database and speed up the website performance.

Anti-Heartbeat Setup

Setup the WordPress Heartbeat API properly to minimize excessive server CPU usage with perfect Speed flow.

Enable gZIP Compression

gZIP compression can reduce the size of the transferred responses of the server and improve rendering website pages.

Leverage Browser Caching

Leverage browser caching save the website resources in browser and reduce the load time for repeat visitors.

Image Optimization

Compress and resize dimension of the images to reduce file size and make sure to optimize all future uploads.

Defer Parsing JavaScript

Defer Parsing JavaScript helps above-the-fold content to load quicker the pages for the visitors and Google bot.

Inline Critical CSS

Inlining Critical CSS declares into the <head> of the website page can reduce the render time of the page.

Optimize Mobile Experience

Website optimization ensures responsiveness for every kind of browser and devices along with mobile phones.

Remove Query Strings

It speed up website as most of the servers doesn’t cache CSS and JS resources with Query Strings(URLs contains “?” or “&”).

Lazy Loading Images

Lazy loading for i-frames and images across your website can decrease load time and saves bandwidth.

Fix Render-Blocking JS & CSS

Prevent specific JS and CSS files to load everywhere. Also, Async and Defer attributes fix the issue to load the site fast!

Upgrading to PHP 7

Updated PHP is always better for website security and Speed. Recent research shows PHP 7 is 3x faster than PHP 5.6.

Remove Unused Code

Every page loads a lot of WordPress, Theme & Plugins files and eliminating unnecessary codes can speed up the site.

Add Expires Headers

Expires headers ask the browser whether they should request a specific file from the server or grab it from the browser’s cache.

Specify a Cache Validator

Static resources should have Last-Modified or ETag header. This will allow browsers to take advantage of the caching.

404 Bad Request Repair

Wrong or invalid URL can effect the website SEO and Repair or redirect URL can fix the Bad Request issue!

Themes & Plugins Audit

A bunch of plugins can slow down your site and create security hole. We will update plugins and remove inactive one.

Load Selective Plugins

Every page loads a lot of Plugin files. Removing unused plugins and only loading required plugins can super fast the site.

And Much More...

After testing a website, we can specify problems and take decision about what we should fix or how we should go ahead!

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Which tools you prefer to check website speed?

We usually use “GT Metrix” & “Pingdom Tools” to check the website performance report.

How long does the process take?

Usually 24-48 hours is enough to speed up a website. Sometime, extra time may be needed as per website size or pages.

Can you improve speed of my website/woo-commerce site?

We love to improve website performance and speed up over 100 websites but no one can guarantee an exact improvement. Sometimes clients come to us with a very slow website (more than 10 seconds to load), the reason behind a poorly configured web server. We always recommend good web hosting like: Siteground, Cloudways or A2Hosting as they are recommended by WordPress community.  But If we cannot improve your website speed then we will fully refund your payment.

Will it break my website? Any guarantee?

You have no worry regarding this because we will take a backup of your website before starting optimize the website. In the very unusual case if something goes wrong, we can easily revert back to a backup instantly.

How much faster will my website load?

We always aim to load a website under 3 seconds, but really it depends on hosting server, theme and plugins coding management. We will try our best to power up the GREEN light on GTmetrix for both Pagespeed and Yslow.

Do you speed up WordPress MultiSite?

We work only on single site. We don’t work to speed up multi-site.

Can you fix my other website issue?

Yes, We do almost everything based on WordPress, Web development and Graphic Design. You can contact us with any of your website issue and we will glad to assist you. Check our all services here: https://creatifytech.com/services/

Speed Up Your Website for only $50

After completing the task, we will provide you a detailed report on the Speed Optimization tasks of you site. The report will include a screenshot of before/after report of the website status, we will do our magic and send details of what has improved after applying our speed optimization science.

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